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Tomás Medina leads a double life: he's a professional magician, and part-time handsome person.
Tomas has been performing his quirky, engaging brand of comedy magic since the age of thirteen. A regular at Chicago nightclubs, restaurants and corporate events, he's sworn to use his powers exclusively for the goodness of humanity. Occasionally he makes small buildings crumble, then combs the wreckage for office supplies.  He stands three feet tall and is made of solid gold. With the face of an angel and hands of a God, Tomás has traveled around the country performing a variety of mind blowing stunts with cigarettes, balloons, light bulbs, and even breath mints. Past credits include the opening for Nelly, Mya, The Brian Setzer Orchestra, The Faint,Velvet Revolver, Third Eye Blind, Mix Master Mike, the Ravonettes, and Joey's eighth birthday (in  Hinsdale , Illinois ).
Tomas' past corporate clients include Home Depot, BMW, Cadillac, Chrysler,Columbia College Chicago, Lewis University, The Magic Castle Hollywood, Robert Morris College, Catholic Charities Chicago, Illinois Institute of Technology, Bayer, American Lung Association, USA Cable Network, Miller Genuine Draft, KIA, Anti Defamation League, Dyson, Playboy Magazine, Answers Media, Fox Television, WGN Television, Camel Cigarettes, McDonalds, Butterball Turkey, Cold Stone Ice Cream, BP, Babies R Us, Boy Scouts Of America, Hofbrauhaus Chicago, PNC Bank, Guaranteed Rate, Brookfield Zoo, Lincoln Park Zoo,  Infinity Radio, People Soft, TGI-Fridays, Verizon Wireless,, Max and Ermas, Bennigans, Absolute Vodka, and Johnny Walker to name a few.
Tomás' talents have been featured on 9 instructional DVDs aimed at professional magicians. Other credits include work at Las Vegas ' famous Palms Hotel and Casino, -Al-lstate Arena, BB King's (New York ), and commercials for the USA Network. Not bad for a kid with glasses


“I had seen Tomas out and about doing magic a couple times before I decided to hire him for our large commercial office building tenant party. I am so glad I did! Our tenants were thrilled with not only his tricks but also how engaging he was – even having one of our tenants perform the magic trick, seemingly without Tomas’ help. I heard over and over, “how did he do that!?” and “that was awesome!” – all thoughts that I have had before! Tomas truly is ‘awesome’ and certainly made the party. He was a dream to work with!”  -Amber


Johnnie Walker has employed tomas a number of times as entertainment for a series of high end events featuring our Johnnie Walker Blue Label.  Each time he has been nothing but the epitome of professionalism and extremely funny (and at times, a bit mind boggling) as well.  Mr. Medina is a terrific crowd pleaser, easy to work with and one of the best magicians I have ever seen.  I highly recommend him for any show you may have in mind.  –Martin

“Tomas Medina is one of the most underrated comedy magicians alive today! His magic is solid, he’s innovative and he never fails me to make me laugh.” –Diamond Jim Tyler

“A lot of people think they can perform magic. Tomas not only performs tricks, but, more importantly, he also knows how to entertain. He’s one of the funniest performers I’ve seen in a long time, and his magic is wonderfully practical. He’s my new favorite magician.” –Kainoa Harbottle

“When I first saw Tomas perform at the Magic Castle he blew me away with his comedic character, timing and style. He was not only funny but presented some very strong magic that fooled me. A true artist all around!” –Tony Clark

Thank you so much for performing at A Taste of Art!!  You were incredible!  People are still wondering how you did those tricks!  You were fantastic and everyone should know it!  -Amanda

Not even a hand full in the past 10 years have impressed me from the first moment and continue to regain a certain amount of respect.  Tomas is one of them.  He is professional, personable, on time and can work at situation when needed.  He carries himself as he is, and is ready when needed.  Tomas was the MC to my Stroke Awareness and Chinese New Year event (Jan 29th) and I could not have chosen a more perfect person; and would have back in a heartbeat.  I recommend him for any event!  –Francis

“Tomas is a hidden gem in the world of magic. He is one of the funniest guys I know, he’s sharp as a tack and he has some very strong, cool magic that will both surprise and shock your audiences. And to top it off, he is a real world performer. There is A LOT to learn from the very clever, quirky, talented Tomas Medina.” –Richard Sanders

Tomas was a true professional and a joy to work with.  His involvement with our function was smooth and trouble-free.  He was not only professional, but suitable for a diverse audience.  At an event with audience members of every age,  Tomas’ magic captivated everyone-not just children, but teens and adults, as well.  His act was so well received that we will keep him at the top of our list for future fundraisers and events.  I would unreservedly recommend Tomas Medina for any event.  If you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.  -Irene

We still are talking about it . Very well performance by Tomas. ” –Liz Mom

Tomas was on time, professional, and magically entertaining! He came for my husbands 40th birthday party, so it was all adults. Tomas was not only funny, but he also impressed with the magic tricks. At the end, everyone wanted to know where I had found him to get his information. Thanks Tomas for making the party extra special.” –Ndidi

I work for a creativity center for kids.  I have worked with Tomas for many years and have seen him perform many times.  His show is clean, funny, and entertaining.  If you wish to speak with me personally please don’t hesitate to call me!  -A

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Chicago, IL

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